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February 01, 2022


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Susan from Canada

I always look forward to reading your blog and am completely amazed by how much you manage to stitch in a day! Can't wait to see your progress for February. I do miss seeing you on Flosstube; you were always a favourite to watch.

Susan from Canada


I'm always in awe of how many stitches you manage in an average day. I'm more of a hundred or two a day, but I live vicariously through you.

I'm a chaotic stitcher. I generally have five or six WIPs in rotation at a time (more put away in waiting), and I choose the project of the day based on my mood, how much time I have (if it's a 2-3 pieces of floss stitching day, I will likely pick a small), and whether I've set a goal to finish or focus on something or not (usually not).

I have found that I like to go on WIP finishing sprees every few months to thin the herd, and when I'm doing that, I try to make myself focus on one project at a time until each is finished.

I couldn't be a monogamous stitcher any more than I could be a monogamous reader (I tend to have 4-5 books going at a time too :-).

Violet Stitches

I go by Violet Stitches on instagram and have followed you on social media for many years. I have missed you terribly on were always my favorite with the amazing variety of projects you stitched. I too lost my stitchy bug in 2021 and laid here depressed and consuming too many in a pandemic while distance learning with a young child is not for the faint of heart. Just getting back into stitching now and able to enjoy life a little more. Currently working on Alessandra Adalaid's Spider Banner, and Hello from Liz Matthews' Quaker Snowflakes. Many hugs, and hopes for a better year in 2022.

Serendipitous Jo

Fabulous progress for January, even with a holiday away in the middle!
I love the Rain Goddess, such a beautiful design.


I was going to say you had a decent stitching month, and then I got down to your new starts - wow! Love seeing a start on Bella, I really need to get back to mine and yes, Bella Filippina charts are VERY bling-y.
Looking forward to your February progress - looks like some big and decent sized finishes are imminent now!

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