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January 01, 2022


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Jenn M

Wow, you still did a LOT of stitching! I find when it starts to feel like work it kills the joy. I don't participate in many challenges because of this, but sometimes my own rotation plans can get pretty rigid and gruelling. Thank goodness for a new year and a clean slate for fun planning!
Wishing you health and happiness in 2022🙂

Serendipitous Jo

I typed a really long comment and Typepad deleted in and wouldn't let me post!


So good to see your update! I was starting to worry if you were ok (we’ve lost so many people these last two years). (I’m just a lurker, but a loyal one)


Glad to hear you are back on the wagon :) I think you still got a lot of stitching done, even if you didn't quite make all your goals. I agree with you on the stitching games...they can be fun and I like the prompts to help me fit a project when I'm not sure what I want to work on, but when I *know* what I want to stitch, I don't want to be forced to pick up something else! I think we all need to find the right middle ground with those.
Let me ask though, 400 stitches an hour? That's crazy fast! Are you stitching 2 handed? I think I can do about 250 if it's colour blocks. The fastest I've ever gone was 100 stitches in 20 minutes, but I never managed to replicate that!

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