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November 27, 2019


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You accomplished quite a bit in November. I hope you're able to meet all your goals for December.

Leonore Winterer

I was going to say, that's an impressive amount of stitching (and everything looks really great, as well!), but 'forcing' it like this would probably kill my stitchy bug for good. I hope your will still be in good shape when you return to a more normal amount of stitching this month.

Joanne P

Wow, that really is a totally insane amount of stitches! You have made incredible progress, especially with the Rainbow Fairy.
Regarding the threads showing through the back of the thin fabric - I read a blog where the stitcher used tiny pieces of muslin tucked behind the threads on the reverse of the stitching before she framed it. Neat idea!

Astrid Connors

Oh wow, you certainly were productive. At least you can say you've stitched for 24hrs and don't need to do it again in a hurry!
Good luck for getting what you want done for December and I hope to see you in January.

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