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August 25, 2019


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Tiffany Pincombe

Amazing work on these, and so nice you've already worked on a lot of bucket list ones. plus almost a finish on Spooky House! Hopefully a lot of the assignments fit with that one.


Really good progress on all of your projects! I love the variety. Happy Stitching!

Leonore Winterer

You made some great progress again, and it looks like both the Spooky House and Ginny might be up for a finish soon! I love your conversion with the Griffindor shawl and the pygmy puff.
Back stitching on TWs can be quite challenging...most of the time I love how she actually describes what colour to use where in words, but there are situations (like the excessive greenery) where it doesn't work out to good. But you did great, it looks awesome!
Might I ask you why you did those 'every other line' areas on both the moon on Spooky house and the sky of Twilight bridge? Is it just to mark out an area you need to stitch?


Wow! that is insane amount of progress. Congratulations.

Sheree B Dangerfield

i really love the spring design with the pansies and butterflies could so one tell me the name or where i possible could get it thanks

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