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Baby Oliver

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July 07, 2019


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This is GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats on finishing it and best of luck framing it.

I just finished the entire Mill Hill series of the nativity - around 9 kits and I have not cut them out and turned them into ornaments yet . I wish I thought ahead entire to stitch them on Aida cloth like you did because that was my only negative about the kit - it's on paper - durable but still paper!
I'm searching to see how to best finish them - probably has to be an ornament with felt behind it but I'd love to somehow get rid of the paper edges.

Leonore Winterer

A wonderful finish! Certainly a mammoth project if it took three years even for you. The Fire station is so cute :) I can never get enough of Mill Hill kits.


Wow, such a fantastic finish! I totally understand you not wanting to say goodbye to it, you've put so much time and love in it. I hope you frame it or make it in a wall hanging soon, it needs to be shown off!

Joanne P

Congratulations on the Happy Dance for this incredible project! I love all the details and the little buttons you've added.
I will really miss seeing this come out and have another building added.
My ambition is to have a similar Hallowe'en Village. Maybe when I finish the Discworld Mappe!

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