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Baby Oliver

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May 29, 2019


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Angie Harding

amazing just amazing love the colors

Linda Holliday

Absolutely beautiful!

Julie Cayemberg

So beautiful! Your adaptation is breathtaking!

Michele D Anderson

Hello! Oh she is gorgeous! You said Natalie's cape was downloadable. I can't seem to locate where it is hidden. I checked the conversion FB group first thing. Help! I have your changes saved and ready to go!! Everyone who does these major color changes are just soo talented! Thank you for all the hard work, and then sharing it with us!

Michele Anderson

Terri Patterson

Gorgeous! Congrats on the finish! Love your conversion!


Another gorgeous finish, she's beautiful!

Leonore Winterer

She's absolutely gorgeous! You did such a good job with the colour conversion and I love the idea of stitching with knitting yarn.

Joanne P

Congratulations on the Happy Dance for Winter. I think the cape conversion is stunning and you did a great job of choosing all the colours.
Using knitting yarn was pretty inspired too.

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