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January 01, 2019


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Joanne P

Well done on getting the WIPs down to a manageable level. That's my plan over the next few years. I am doing well with the current projects but have too many very old ones (prior to 2015) which are quite large!
I love your Village and would like to do a Hallowe'en version.
I also need to do Finsih Pie!

Robin in Virginia

Good for you on whittling down your WIPs pile! I enjoyed seeing your photo collages of your finishes. I look forward to seeing your stitching accomplishments during this new year. Enjoy your weekend!

Leonore Winterer

You certainly did a lot of large and medium projects this year! Even most of your smalls (the Mill Hill village) are part of a much larger project. I'd love to get my WIP numbers as low as yours are, but I still have a long way to go!

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