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December 10, 2018


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Joanne P

Thanks for taking part in the Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year. And for reminding me that I must get MY 12 Days framed. I have the frame, I have the mount board, I just need to get them together!
Thanks for the song too, I am not really a pop music fan but that is a good song with lovely lyrics too. Just needs some soaring guitars and a heavy drum beat LOL

Leonore Winterer

I love Joan's version of the 12 Days. I really want to stitch it some day!


That is a gorgeous stitch. It must have taken quite some time to complete but it looks so beautiful. Love your choice for the frame too. Loved your song choice too. Have a great holiday. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever


Such a beautiful piece, of course your son would want to sing it when he saw it!
I've never heard that song before, it's growing on me.
Happy Christmas


Such a beautiful piece, of course your son would want to sing it when he saw it!
I've never heard that song before, it's growing on me.

Robin in Virginia

What a stunning piece you have stitched and framed, Stephanie! Wishing you a joyous Christmas season!

Ariadne Skyrianidou

Wow!Such an amazing sampler! Congratulations for finishing it.AriadnefromGreece!

Katie Gengnagel

What a beautiful piece and the frame is just perfect. Thanks for sharing your song. I hadn't heard that one before. Merry Christmas!


Wonderful stitching, and the frame really sets it off (in fact, I love the frame and we have one very similar in our living room except not with stitching in)!
I don’t remember that song but it was very nice to hear.
Happy Christmas!
Barbara x


Oh my goodness, what lovely stitching! And I really like how you framed it too! Thank you for sharing your Christmas song too! I've never heard it before. Merry Christmas!


Beautifully framed 12 Days! I love hearing new-to-me carols. Merry Christmas to you and yours~

Lynne Frankham

Your 12 Days is beautiful. Merry Christmas.


Amazing stitching, looks so great! Joyeux Noël ! Amitiés xxx

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