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November 15, 2018


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Wow I love your 2019 plans and hope they work out for you. I love making stitchy plans myself but can never keep them that long. Happy stitching!!!

Jenn M

I love making plans as well, but rarely do I stick to it! Will you be using different colours for Blackwork Journey? Also, will you stitch as charted for Celtic Winter? There are so many beautiful conversions, I know I am having a hard time deciding.

Leonore Winterer

That's a ton of plans, and all of them are so exciting! Starting the year with just 5 WIPs (well done!) surely leaves you with a lot of room for new starts. I'm especially excited to see a new TW in your rotation, and also for the Save the Stitches. I've been meaning to start that one myself, but can't settle on a colour scheme, so it's on the backburner for now.

Robin in Virginia

I enjoyed reading your plans for 2019. I am a planner and have started thinking about my stitching plans for 2019 although I am still mulling over on a handful of things. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Joanne P

What great plans, that's the part I really enjoy too.
Love the Save the Stitches project, that's a nice big one! Also very excited about Celtic Winter and the Miras/Noras.


Wow, you are going to have a busy 2019, good for you! All such wonderful projects, I see quite a few that I'd like to stitch too.

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