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Baby Oliver

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October 10, 2018


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They are all beautiful!


She is so pretty I love Joan Elliott designs and can't believe you have now stitched them all wow. I'm doing the season lady's. I have 2 done and I'm finding it hard to stitch the other 2. So much I want to stitch. Congrats on all of them.

Jenn M

She's beautiful☺. I am stitching my first JE lady: a geisha, and I see now why people love her designs so much. Do you have a preference between Joan Elliot ladies and Mira's?


She's gorgeous, such beautiful colours! I'm looking forward to seeing them framed, I bet you are too!

Sharon Wurm

Masterpieces! I’m always so impressed by your stitching. Beautiful!

Leonore Winterer

She is gorgeous! I love the way you describe her, like the piece of art she is. Well done finishing the whole series, I do love all of them.

Joanne P

Water Goddess is heavenly! I do wonder if you could actually walk in that dress if it was real. Earth and Air look manageable but I think we'd trip over Fire and Water!

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