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Baby Oliver

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August 25, 2018


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Janet Ramon



She is so pretty and one I have in my stash, it's great to see it all stitched. I'm finding out a few charts by Nora Corbett and Mirabilia the hands are not right or funny. Same of the old one anyway.


Wow she's beautiful! You have really made this piece your own with the hand-dyed fabric and hair and bead conversions. Stunning! I'm jealous of your WIP count too!

Robin in Virginia

Congratulations on your mermaid finish! She is stunning. I really like the fabric you dyed and I think it is perfect for your stitch.


She is beautiful. I love her golden hair, crown, beads and crystals. Good job. Congrats!


OMGoodness, she's stunning! You did a great job on the fabric, it looks perfect. I hope you frame her soon.
This is one I didn't think I'd like to stitch, but now I'm not too sure! Thanks for the bead conversion.

Leonore Winterer

She's gorgeous...I wanted to comment on how awesome her hair looks even before you mentioned it being of your own conversion.
And all those beads and treasures! I'll have to remember you can convert those in case I ever stitch anything like this. Mill Hill is great, sure, but no one would know you used something different if you didn't mention it.

Joanne P

Congratulations on the Happy Dance, she looks stunning!
Great idea to convert the beads, they are very expensive otherwise.
You dyed the fabric perfectly for this piece too.

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