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Baby Oliver

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July 29, 2018


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Robin in Virginia

You have made fabulous progress on your pieces. I find how you tackle each piece is interesting to read. Thanks for sharing!

sandra whitley

you have made wonderful progress on your projects, love them all. Congrats on doing so well with your overall goals. I have one thing that i need to sew, but just haven't been wanting to do the cutting.


So much progress on all your stitching, yay! I must say Halloween and the mermaid are my favourites, but they're all really wonderful.

Joanne P

Great work this month. You do seem to be very good at focusing on your goals and meeting them.
Love the skin on the mermaid, she looks gorgeous!
I also smiled at building the houses from the bottom up. Makes total sense to me!

Leonore Winterer

Good progress this month, and this year in general! I'm very excited to see a few of those projects finished.


Enchanted Mermaid, Christmas village and Charmed Santa are my favourites. Can hardly wait to see the whole Christmas village is finished.

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