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Baby Oliver

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June 03, 2018


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Robin in Virginia

Both of your WIPs look super. I really like the Disney piece and the "coloring" you have given it. Enjoy your projects during the month of June!


I have a couple of those "We Do" projects in my stash, but good on ya for tackling it in black! Wow!


Great work on the black fabric. As I said in my email, I love stitching on black. I did think that Emma Congdon is Stitchrovia rather than Stitchline?
Your colour choices are great.
I am also trying to cut down my WIPs. Ideally I want to have 2 focus pieces, some monthly SALs and the smalls. My plan for my UFO projects is to focus on one a year until they are all done.

Cathy Lake

It's the colors in both of them that makes me love both pieces. You did a great job of changing up the colors on We Do Disney and it's perfect on black--it wouldn't have the same punch on white.

Leonore Winterer

Great progress on both! Stitching letters can go so nice and quickly.
I love the Bird of Happiness - was it difficult to find the right place to start on the printed fabric?

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