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Baby Oliver

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May 27, 2018


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Robin in Virginia

It looks like you had some awesome stitching days during the month of May. I would love to hear more about the retreat you attended in NJ.


I always love seeing still pictures of your projects. The colours in the beads on your Cathedral are just gorgeous. and I'm loving hearing everyone who went to the NJ retreat say that Needleworker's Delight is their new favourite store!


The Bird of Happiness is just stunning.
Love the way the Cathedral is turning out. Have you seen the new Cobbler's Shop yet?

Leonore Winterer

Lots of progress on your new starts and everything else! So basically, you had 6 starts, but just 2 new WIPs, right? I'm looking forward to seeing more progress on the new ones and your plans for June :)


You have some great projects on the go there!


Wow, lots of progress. Love the colours of the bird of happiness and the bead work of St. Nic's cathedral.

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