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Baby Oliver

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March 25, 2018


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Robin in Virginia

You made fabulous progress on the pieces you worked on so far this month. Good for you!

Carla Eldridge

Incredible amount of stitching! I love all of your projects and agree that spring and flowers are a must right now :D


So much beautiful progress this month! Cheering you on for a spring flower finish!

Joanne P

Great work on all your pieces. I am glad to see that you are stitching the traditional Lord's Prayer! I always say that one and trip over the words when other people are saying the new one.
The link to the Ice Castle isn't working but I Googled it, it's a lovely design and probably less complicated than a TW castle! It looks like you could put lots of metallic and beads in there, if she hasn't already done so!

Leonore Winterer

Great progress! I especially love the spring bird, it's so close to a finish. I'd love to see you stitch a Shannon Christie Design, they are gorgeous and I bet you'd get it done really fast :)


Good progress as usual. Thank you for the update!

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