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January 28, 2018


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wonderful projects, love King Arthur's court. look forward to next month's progress.


You are one busy stitcher! Congrats on finishing your oldest WIP, that must feel great. I love the King Arthur design but I do think it would look better if they all had heads!


I have to tell you, you are my cross stitch girl crush! I love most every item you work on and I think I need them too.
Congrats on your finish of the Maiden and the Unicorn.

Marissa M.

Oh! that Mandala is on my list of things to do too! I'm glad to see it didn't take too long. I finished a bunch of stitchy presents so most of Feb is going to be mine I think. Yay!

Michelle Garrette

Congrats again on your Lady and the Unicorn finish; it's just absolutely stunning! their faces have so much character! You worked on SO many WIPs this month! Way to go. And that little blackwork piece is making me want to jump into that SAL (which I *clearly* do not need to do!!) I can't wait to see the vlogs from the daily rotation challenge for the olympics!

Robin in Virginia

Well done on staying focused on your projects! Congratulations to you again on finishing up your oldest WIP. I look forward to seeing your progress report near the end of February.

Stitching Noni

Congratulations on your amazing Maiden and the Unicorn finish. It looks amazing and what a brilliant way to start 2018! Your progress on Boo Club is way better than mine - I need to get back to it tonight and finish off the last bit on Spooky before January closes out!! Hugs x

Leonore Winterer

You did have a lot of starts, but you already managed some decent progress on all of them, and some of your WIPs too. I think you're off for a great year of working towards your goals :D

Joanne P

Great work, I do love the buildings you are stitching.

Arthur is looking good too, even without their faces!


Great progress. King Arthur's Court and Charmed Santa are coming along very nicely. You have accomplished so much in January already.

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