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December 04, 2017


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Joanne P

There are some beautiful designs on this list. Whatever you pick will be gorgeous. I'm still working on my list.
You have reminded me that I haven't put the Hallowe'en themes up yet. That's a job for the morning now.

Robin in Virginia

You have some gorgeous pieces on your list to start and work on in 2018. I will be here cheering you on.

Bekah Bannister

I think your plan is a good one, it can be so intense when you have to plan so so much. What are your Wips that are continuing to 2017, I remember a couple of them but can't think of all 9.


Leonore Winterer

There are some great new plans in your lists! It's probably smart to make most of your starts small things you'd stitch anyway, that will keep you from getting overwhelmed.
The Riolis Phoenix is on my wish list pretty!


It's always so exciting to plan a new stitching year, isn't it? You show some nice charts to start next year. I also thought of joining the 18 in '18 fun but don't know yet.

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