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July 31, 2017


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After seeing your Joan Elliot pieces, I must stitch them. The pictures do not do them justice at all and seeing yours has made me a fan.

I can't really say what my oldest wip is as I didn't track the start date and finish date until last year. I hate that I didn't all this time I have been stitching. My most recent wip is the American Sampler by Little House Needleworks. I just started it last week.

Leonore Winterer

You've certainly made a lot of progress, and even two great finishes! I'm a new follower, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else there is to see in your WIP box :)


Oh my, that's a lot of stitching that you were doing in July. And you even have two finishes, congratulations. I love this stocking a lot.
Great progress on your other WIPs that you have on the go.

Joanne P

That is a lot of projects! July was a long month. Fire Goddess looks amazing with her backstitch. I do like this project, I like all the Elemental Goddesses.


That is a ton of progress on everything, plus great finishes! I'm so impressed you've finished your stocking. I'm working on one right now and it's taking forever.


Beautiful finishes! You got alot done this month


Oh, my goodness, you must be the fastest stitcher ever - such gorgeous finishes and WIPs - I love them all.


What a lot of gorgeous projects! I really like the stocking you made for your son. I have 3 Dimensions kits in my WIP pile so I'm hoping you inspire me to get moving with mine!


You did so much stitching in July. All your work are gorgeous.

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