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March 14, 2017


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What a beautiful finish to this piece. I think the "beach" squares are my favorite...although I really do love the whole piece.

Kaelyn Angelfoot

Its a lovely bell pull. Congratulations on the finish.


Great to get the first one complete! I love the words on each letter.

Joanne P

Great work! The 2nd M is a lovely block. Did you add the affirmations or were they charted and I've just not noticed them before?


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Dear Jo,

Thanks for your comment. That block is my favorite as well, it was also less fiddly to stitch. The words are charted. Stoney creek has another series of seasonal bell pulls, but the affirmations are religious in the older series.

Happy stitching,

Melinda Forbes

Thank you for sharing your bell pull finish. I just love it. I have finally started Autumn and I also had an afghan in my stash (stitching from) I cut to make the bellpull and am adjusting to the tension. I will backstitch as I go.

minion names

Wow this is so nice .Thanks for sharing i just love it


I saw this on your is so pretty!! Congratulations on the big finish!


Beautiful finish. Thank you for sharing.

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