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Baby Oliver

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December 29, 2016


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Joanne P

Fantastic! It's lovely to see some really good photos of the finished piece. 40 Days is very good, I've done 15 already and I think it's going to be a lot more.
The DW chart is awful! I scanned mine and blew it up and now I'm colouring it as a I go. Maybe I'll try gettIng it photocopied and see how that works out.
Your's will be an inspiration for me throughout this year.


Beautiful finish! I was just thinking Jo should see yours, and from her comment she has. :) Thanks for the tips on stitching this one too!

Bea Lapp

That is a fabulous finish! So beautiful.

Vickie Hartwell

WOW!!! This is so amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


Bravo! Love it!

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