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September 13, 2017


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Robin in Virginia

Your WIPs are looking good. I love the border on the Maiden and Unicorn piece; it looks like a tapestry. The new projects you are looking to start are a good assortment. Good luck!


Love Maiden and the Unicorn and King Arthur. I cant wait to see your Celtic Winter conversion.

Stitching Noni

Love your planned new starts! That version of Celtic Winter is stunning - looking forward to seeing your conversion once you start!
I have decided to join the Year of WIPs next year... I have so many WIPs that I could do with some focusing on them!
Hugs x

Leonore Winterer

Those are some ambitious plans, but I am confident you'll be able to pull it off. The news starts are also looking good - my vote is for the Trick and Treat Fairy.


They all look great, especially King Arthur's Court.
Since I've stitched the Trick or Treat Fairy, I say do that one! I have it framed year round and love it.


I love all your projects! Your stitching skills just amaze me. I love the conversion for the L&L chart you have is just gorgeous! Your new products are great!!!

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